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"My new LED sign works great! I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the sign."


Al Pfafman
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Single Color Outdoor LED Signs

Single color LED signs are simply the most cost-efficient way to advertise your business.

Every business owner knows that attracting customers is critical to the success of their business. Outdoor LED signs attract attention  - and can help any business draw in potential customers.

Viewable from up to several hundred yards away, LED signs give the business owner the power to brand their location while advertising.



"Effective signage is a critical component of your retail business? success, and can contribute to the success of all businesses. Electronic message centers enhance a sign?s effectiveness by providing space to advertise time dependent messages."

Small Business Administration website

LED Signs - Single Color Outdoor, 64mm and 89mmRoadStar 64mm & 89MM

The RoadStar? series of LED signs is designed for maximum visibility along highways, highly elevated installations, or any application requiring long distance visibility. The unique, modular, state-of-the-art design of these LED signs produces a dynamic advertising message center that is highly energy efficient, easy to operate, install and service.

Advertise your products and services at a moments notice to dramatically increase your company?s sales and profits, like no other advertising medium can. Become a recognized landmark in your local community. These LED signs exhibit excellent color contrast, are very bright and will impact your daily drive-by audience with dazzling, professional advertising messages that cannot be ignored.

LED Sign, 24x80 Amber Roadstar

Specifications for Roadstar Outdoor Single Color LED Signs

 LED Sign - 17mm Streetsmart Single Color SignsStreetSmart 17mm

The StreetSmart series of LED signs feature an exposed LED design that provides you with a brighter product and better readability. The StreetSmart 17mm LED sign series is specifically designed to provide highly visible outdoor advertising along any local city street.

5-Inch to 22-inch letters, and high display resolution make this series of LED signs ideal for monument applications, lower pylon, and slower city traffic volumes.
LED Signs, 62x128 17mm StreetSmart - Red

LED Signs - Specifications for 17mm Streetsmart Signs

LED Sign - 35mm Streetsmart Single Color SignsStreetSmart 35mm

The StreetSmart 35mm monocolor LED sign series delivers highly visible outdoor advertising along any city or main street. 1-ft. to 4-ft. letters, and medium display resolution make it ideal for pole or monument applications and almost any traffic volume.

Brilliant red or amber LEDs with 256-shades/grayscaling will grab attention and bring more drive-by customers into your business.
LED Signs - 35mm Streetsmart Outdoor Sign, Red

LED Signs - Specifications for 35mm Outdoor Single Color LED Signs