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Advantages of Leasing Equipment Over Purchasing works with several leading leasing companies across the US. If you're interested in finding out more about how leasing can help you put the power of LED advertising into your operation complete this brief form and we'll get back to you with your best leasing options.

The main advantages include:

Leasing provides 100% financing. Most leases simply require first and last payments paid in advance and a small documentation fee. No security deposits or up-front money is required. Your lease can cover all the costs of the purchase, delivery and installation for your LED sign.

Balances usage and cost. Leasing makes sense when the equipment you use creates a return that exceeds its cost. In other words, leasing allows you to set a fixed monthly payment for the use of equipment that creates an anticipated return exceeding that payment. Typically a business will see a 15% to 50% increase in sales after adding the power LED advertising to their location. This means your sign can pay for itself through increased monthly revenues.

Leasing is less hassle. Leases usually require less financial documentation than bank loans, meaning they require less preparation and are easier to secure. Some banks want two to three years of detailed credit history, while leases often require only six months of history or less.

Increases purchase power. Often you can qualify for a lease with little or no down payment, which means it's likely you can afford to spend more than you could afford to purchase outright.

Tax-advantages. A lease agreement may allow you to receive tax benefits. These benefits and their availability are subject to an array of factors and we suggest you talk with your accountant about these benefits.

Preserves credit lines. Credit lines with banks and other depository institutions are precious and hard to establish. Conserve those lines for inventory, A/R or other uses and emergencies.

Financial Flexibility. Leasing does not impact your financial statements, so your borrowing potential (through traditional bank financing) is not reduced, as it would be if you borrowed to make a purchase. It will make your equity-to-debt ratio look better. Also, lease payments are usually considered "pre-tax" rather than "after-tax."


 For more information please feel free to contact us at 800-341-6397.