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Outdoor LED Sign - 35mm Red 24x64
Outdoor LED Sign - 35mm Red 24x80
Outdoor LED Sign - Red
Outdoor Full Color LED Installation
Outdoor LED Sign - Red

Outdoor LED Sign - 35mm Red 24x64We requested a temporary LED sign to help us evaluate whether or not LED advertising would increase our sales. Within just a few days of having the LED unit on site, we could already see a twenty to thirty percent increase in the sales of the items advertised on the sign. We placed an order for a sign of our own and waited eagerly for it to arrive.

We couldn't be more pleased with our LED message display...

Michael Gilardi
Director of Marketing
Happy Harry's Inc.

Increase advertised product and service sales by 15% to over 50% with a daily impact that cannot be ignored. Impact your daily drive-by and on-premise customer using the new moving medium - Outdoor and Indoor Electronic LED signs. Replace, augment or eliminate traditional forms of costly advertising with instantly recognizable on-premise electronic advertising.

  • Advertise daily, weekly or seasonal specials to dramatically increase impulse purchases

  • Entertain customers waiting in lines or at drive-thrus

  • Promote value added services, low financing rates, layaways, free delivery

  • Move over-stocks, over-runs, and other temporary merchandise promos

  • Run help wanted ads, seasonal or holiday labor requirements

  • Broadcast community involvement and local activity sponsorship.

Indoor Signs

Advertise and promote your products and services at the point of purchase. Variable message signs are much more effective in attracting the consumer?s attention and providing valuable product information.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 800-341-6397.