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Hotels & Motels

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Single Color Red Roadstar LED Sign
Single Color Red Roadstar LED Sign
Single Color Red LED Sign
Single Color Red LED Sign
Single Color Red LED Sign

Hotels and motels now have a new way to get the attention of the huge audience driving by their facilities every day - with an impact that only outdoor electronic message centers can provide.

  • Advertise room specials and rates

  • Promote current and upcoming entertainment

  • Inform customers of free services, in/outdoor pool, newspaper, local calls, meeting rooms, breakfast, etc.

  • Welcome VIPs and business groups to town

  • Highlight the special menu items of the day/week/month

  • Remind customers about seasonal products and services

  • Display community involvement and events

  • Advertise for Help Wanted

Use indoor displays to display information such as; convention bus times, routing guests to meeting rooms, recognize employees, highlight high-profit room services and lounge drinks and many other uses.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 800-341-6397.