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Single Line Indoor Led Sign Features

1 line Electronic LED sign size comparisonsSimple, easy-to-use and effective at getting your message across, the single line, indoor LED sign is available in a range of sizes and color options. Exceptionally bright with an attractive case design, the one line LED sign can enhance any business.

  • 2-, 3- or 4-inch Characters

  • Red or tri-color

  • Network-able via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet adapter (optional)

  • Programmable via remote keyboard or ALPHA software

  • Viewing distance up to 200 feet


Single line Window LED signWindow Display
Case Dimensions
49.0L" x 4.25D" x 6.25H"

Display Dimensions:
45.6"L x 4.0"H

Super-bright Red or Amber, 4-inch characters

Window Display Electronic LED Sign

Specifications for the indoor, single line Window LED sign

Designed for exceptional brightness Window Display LED signs are easily visible day or night  even through tinted glass. This ideal indoor window display has message impact from a distance of 15 to 200-feet, day or night. Window Displays include an infrared keyboard that allows you to instantly enter promotional messages at a moment's notice. Enter messages within seconds, without complicated technical manuals. Store messages and schedule them to appear at specific times of the day or week.

Single line Big Dot LED signBig Dot Full Matrix
Case Dimensions: 49.0L" x 4.25D" x 6.25"H)

Display Dimensions:
45.6"L x 4.0"H

8-colors plus Rainbow

Big Dot Electronic LED sign

Specifications for the indoor, single line Big Dot LED sign

This LED sign offers message clarity from a 200 ft. distance allowing you to visually connect with your employees or customers. The unique, built-in louver system eliminates glare to accentuate your message. The Big Dot electronic display uses 4-inch tall characters for dazzling, moving color messages you know they'll notice.

Single line Big Dot LED signBetaBrite Prism
Case Dimensions:
25.9"L x .9"D x 3.8"H

Display Dimensions: 24.0"L x 2.1"H

8-colors plus Rainbow

The BetaBrite Prism offers brilliant, full-color messages you can create in just minutes using the Betabrite?s WYSIWYG software and your PC (USB cable included), or by using the IR keyboard (software & keyboard included). With 2 inch tall letters your messages will be visible indoors for distances of 75 to 100 feet.

Single line Beta Brite LED sign213 BetaBrite
Case Dimensions:  25.8L" x 2.0D" x 3.8H"

Display Dimensions: 24.0"L x 2.1"H

8-colors plus Rainbow

Beta Brite Color Indoor LED Sign

Single line Beta Brite LED sign

The 213 indoor LED sign allows you to save and display multiple messages using a handheld remote control IR (infrared) keyboard. Create messages with either the IR keyboard or the optional messaging software. This BetaBrite displays feature 8 superbright colors and 3 rainbow effects to display moving animations and text.

Single line 215 full matrix display215 Full Matrix
Case Dimensions:

28.9"L x 2.1"D x 4.5"H

Display Dimensions: 27"L x 2.1"H

Red or Tricolor

215 full matrix Indoor Electronic LED sign

Specifications for the indoor, single line 215 full matrix display

The 215 indoor LED signs are message centers designed for light industrial, commercial and office use. They quickly display large amounts of information in 8 colors and 3 rainbow effects (red only versions are also available). These message centers are among the brightest and sharpest indoor displays available.

Single line 220 full matrix display220 Full Matrix
Case Dimensions:

37.7"L x 2.9"D x 3.80"H

Display Dimensions: 36"L x 2.1"H


220 full matrix Single Line Indoor Electronic LED sign

Specifications for the indoor, single line 220 full matrix display

The 220 LED sign is specifically designed to get your message across as quickly as possible. The new, longer length of this LED sign provides more space to display your message in one line. Brighter, tri-color LED's come standard on this model, to give your message maximum impact.

Single line 320 full matrix display320 Full Matrix
Case Dimensions: 57.4"L x 3.8"D x5.5"H

Display Dimensions: 54"L x 3.1"H


320, full matrix single line Electronic LED sign

Documentation for the indoor, single line 320 full matrix display

Single line 330 full matrix display330 Full Matrix
Case Dimensions: 84.4"L x 3.8"D x 5.5"H

Display Dimensions: 81"L x 3.1"H


330 full matrix electronic LED sign

Specifications for the indoor, single line 330 full matrix display

The VCI-300 series is one of our most versatile single-line indoor electronic message displays. This display provides constant employee communication. Post real-time information, boost morale, or advertise company-wide events, birthdays and anniversaries?all from your desktop PC or easy to use handheld keyboard.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 800-341-6397.