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Indoor Ticker Display Features

An Electronic LED Ticker display is a great way to attract attention, while communicating useful and timely information.

Ticker services are completely wireless and do not require a phone line, cable or satellite dish to work! Outdoor tickers are typically built to order and are very popular with TV Stations, Newspapers and other media organizations.

Your information and scrolling Ticker updates will attract and hold your customers' attention, whether they?re passing by, waiting in line, or sitting down to discuss your products and services.


Indoors or outdoors, keep your customers attention by sharing up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Financial market data
    Live, accurate
    and real-time market data to keep your business and your clients up-to-date with the latest financial news.

  • Headline news
    24 hour a day, seven days a week, comprehensive broadcasts of breaking news and leading stories from each news category.

  • Sports scores and news
    Includes current odds, scoring updates and breaking news stories from the world of sports! Ticker sports service covers the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA Top 25 (football and basketball), PGA, LPGA, SPGA, NASCAR, Formula One and all major events such as the Olympics or World Cup.

  • Entertainment news
    This service has all the latest news, gossip and humor from Hollywood and around the world. From the movies to fashion, literature, radio, television, music and the performing arts.

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